Baby Jakob’s Last Visit

Jakob’s last visit was a much anticipated event for our class. They were so excited! We noticed that he was much more aware and was looking all around at people and things. Thank you, Jakob, for teaching us how to be gentle and to empathize with other people. We love you!

Board Games in Preschool

What do children learn when they play board games? Here are some of the thoughts they regularly discuss while playing: taking turns, rules, fun and being fair. Enjoy the pictures from our PS4 Game Party.

Fashion Designers, Swimmers and True Friends

As the year winds down, the Smiley Sharks are still getting busy! Here are some of our highlights from this week:

  • Friday was Alexa’s last day before moving back to Ecuador
  • our first time swimming this session
  • a visit to Kindergarten wherein we realized there are a lot of things in Kindergarten that we also have in Preschool
  • cleaning toys outside in preparation for end of year…we love being responsible in this way
  • rehearsals in the LT for our big concert coming up
  • we’ve chosen a date for our fashion show (more details to follow soon)
  • a butterfly life cycle secret picture puzzle
  • our chrysalis turned into a butterfly – yeah, metamorphosis! 
  • we made self-portraits for our learning journals and reflected on our learning 
  • piazza plan & plays (we choose where we want to go ahead of time and then follow our plan)
  • bicycles on the covered court…what?!? Cool! 
  • oodles of clothing creation coming about including our tie dye shirts which look sooooo cool!


Fashion Experts We Are!

The Smiley Sharks have had a busy week, really digging deep into our clothing inquiry. We had a special guest speaker in on Tuesday who helped us learn about fashion design. We learned that first you design your clothes, then you choose the patterns and the fabric, and then you create. All of the children made individual plans for clothes they would like to make. They’ve also decided they want to have a fashion show!

We’ve also been looking into buttons: counting them, sorting them and buttoning them. Our good friend, Pete the Cat, has a lot of stories about clothes that we simply adore! We’ve been reading those in class and playing some Pete the Cat games. Ms. Liz even showed us how to speed read Pete the Cat.

Other highlights this week include making French Toast, Laila and Kiran’s birthday celebrations, practicing for our concert, playing with magnets, making prints in Art, discovering night vision goggles (and that we could stick them to our faces with only sweat), talking about our Moms, visiting Kindergarten to find our lost animals from Eric Carle’s book, watching the Middle School Play, and watching our chrysalis turn brown.

Kindergarten Visit






Exciting Times This Week

Pyjama Day was a great hit! The kids very much enjoyed making sundaes and eating their pancakes. The “spooky” story was enjoyed and we also listened to a funny Robert Munsch story about a boy who had a hard time getting to sleep. We did some Yoga, made funny hairdos, and had some birthday cake!

Other highlights this week included:

  • Milk, food coloring and dish soap experiments in the science corner
  • Planting on the playground
  • Buttons! We love to count them!
  • Making snow men and women with edible playdough
  • Washing clothes in dramatic play
  • Fake snow in the sensory bin
  • Visiting the art show… twice! (once for viewing, once for an interactive art exhibit)
  • We’ve chosen a song for our spring concert and made a plan for costumes.
  • We have our own caterpillar in our science corner. We had a living chrysalis, but we are not sure if it’s alive anymore. We are hoping it is! We’ve started an author study of Eric Carle. The children very much enjoyed reading his The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • We had a real illustrator come in to our class and read us her book! We loved it! And gave her some ideas for a sequel!

Student-Led Conferences

Thank you to everyone for joining us for conferences. Your involvement has great impact on your child’s learning journey.

To prepare for our student-led conference, we brainstormed what we’ve learned about in different areas of the class. We made lists of these activities and then voted together on which ones we wanted to put out in the classroom. Our final step involved making individualized plans for what we wanted to show our parents. The kids were truly shining stars on this day and delighted in showing their parents what they know.

First Week Back After Break

This week, we were communicators. We made a concept map about clothing and are beginning to inquire in this area. If we have anyone who sews or makes quilts, or anything of the sort, please do let me know! We’ll be happy to incorporate your expertise! Also, if anyone has some extra winter clothes that they wouldn’t mind sending in for our dramatic play area, that would be lovely.

We were also planners this week. In light of the upcoming pajama party, we brainstormed ideas for the special day. If you child has an easy to carry sleeping bag, please send it in on pajama day as they are really hoping to do a bit of role play with them. We also spent time planning how we’d like to set the classroom up for our student-led conferences coming up. We made lists, voted on our favorites, and then made individual plans for what we wanted to show our parents.

Other highlights include:

  • pastel pictures and stained glass.
  • making faces in the art area
  • a rainbow milk science experiment
  • making books about our Spring vacations
  • and more!

Check out a sildeshow from our week…